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Textbooks Distribution Facility:
Method of text distribution facility (making bill/along with obtaining money)
Through Mandal, Gujarat State district level distributors are appointed. Contract is done. These distributors or the day the week decided by Mandal in Index B (Industrial Extension Bureau) computerized program is decided. In that distributors are given bill as per accepted indent. This bill amounts demand draft / nationalized banks cheque is accepted.
It text books are given free of cost then that schemes details and textbooks sending related distribution facility / carting method and it contrite / along with rate information.
From state government’s primary education director office Std. 1 – 7 free of cost schemes text book sets no are sent to Mandal. Through Mandal considering the no. of books as per truckload route is made. To send these books through Mandal carting related tender is issued and minimum rate carting contractor being pointed after signing contract order is given. Through carting contractor as per route decided by Mandal through trucks at taluka level text books are sent.
At district level textbooks distribution is done by sellers. District retailers are noted. Retailer registration fees for 5 years are Rs. 60 and for 3 years Rs. 40 is decided. With Mandals recognized retailers contract is done. To distributors at 15.5% books are given for selling and through distributor in Mandal registered retailers are given books at 12.5% commission. Thus, through traders and districts distributors in whole state textbooks are distributed.
Since Academic year June-2005 as per new course being implemented standard 9 & 12 textbooks distribution Mandal Hon. Chief and Hon. Education Minister according to suggestion through “Shala Vikas Sankul” it was being done.