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If Through Board Textbooks are Distributed then Details Regarding Sale Depot.
- Through Mandal textbooks distribution main work is done by district wise appointed distributors and sellers.
- Besides that Mandals are sale depot is situated at Asarwa, Ahmedabad form where schools similarly other educational institutes similarly other educational institutes similarly registered trusts similarly parent-students-teachers are sold textbook.
- Mandals state wise recognized distributors at Gandhinagar Godown textbooks are delivered. For these distributors from Gandhinagar the respective districts difference being considered. As per rate transport discount is given.
- Besides at Mandals main office one retail depot is started from year 2004 from where students teacher similarly needy persons also are sold textbooks on retail such facility is done.
Text books / to Store Paper Godown Facility’s Details
- To store textbooks at Gandhinagar Sector – 25 Mandal owned total 13 Godowns are situated.
For Distribution Work Maintend Registers Details
- for distribution work store registrar, distributor wise selling details register, press wise book register etc. registers are maintained.