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Right to Information Act
Right to Information Act - 2005
Accounting Branch Working Matters
Accounting Branch Working Method
In accounting branch double entry system is used.
Method of passing all the Bills
In Mandal for various branches for passing/sanctioning bills as per budget head registers are maintained. In that in accounting branch after bills being inward to associated office bill is passed and give. After bills necessary checking is being done in register noting pass for payment work is done.
Method of giving check: (In person/post or other method is there)
Through Mandal twice a week (Tuesday & Friday) parties are given cheque. The parties which cannot come in person they are send cheque through Register A.D.
Financial Powers
On the basis of betterment of Mandals various branches working committee, Governing body, General board concerned expense acceptance being obtained borrowing and payment related all powers are delegated to director of Mandal.
Registers Maintained For Financial Matters
Bank book, Cash book, Ledger book, TDS register, Salary bill register, Staff related advances register; To pass bills as per budget head register etc. registers are maintained.
Annual Accounts / Budget How It Is Prepared Its Detail
- To prepared Annual budget of Mandal, Mandal’s monthly budgets, Balance sheet being prepared is given to Mandals appointed Chartered Accountant. On its basis final Balance Sheet and Annual Accounts are prepared.
- Through accounting branch Mandals remaining branches budget head expense information is given. This information being gathered through accounting branch budget is prepared for acceptance it is presented in general meeting.