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Research Branch
In research branch Std. 1-12’s textbooks related research is done.
Research Related Work Details
.Through research poem collection-10, optional-1, verb dictionary-1, prose collection-3, have been prepared for prakashan. At present “Gadhya Sanchalan” 9’s proof work is going on. Science – Maths dictionaries (40000) words work is going on kruti banks word is going on. Besides, creator introduction etc. Prakashan “Balshrushti” monthly’s work is done.
.For research work panel is appointed.
.Through Mandal standard 1-12 school textbooks related research is being done. As above & stated in No. 2 project work is done.
.For research work “finding talent textbook formation” related training programme is done.
.In Mandals library there are approximately. 40000 books. In which 40% world list, 4 state in 9 language 12 subjects dictionary, research prakashans similarly manuscripts are prepared for that useful books are included.
.At present in library one assiant librarian is working.