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.Std. 1-12 textbooks, basic education textbooks, Std. 8-12 textbooks, “Balshrushti” periodical etc are published.
.Besides Gujarati in English, Hindi, Marathi, Sindhi, Urdu and Tamil similarly in Devnagari script textbooks prakashan is done.
.Regarding complementary prakashans Std. 1-4 textbooks related teacher activities, in Gujarati, English, Hindi, Marathi, Sindhi & Urdu medium “Balshrushti” periodical, for standard 1-7 Gujarati – English dictionary etc types complementary prakashan are published by Mandal.
.""બાલસૃષ્ટિ'' નામનું સામયિક માસિક રૂપે પ્રસિદ્ધ કરવામાં આવે છે. તેનું માસિક લવાજમ રૂ. ૮૦/- છે.
.To Prepare manuscripts of books as per textbook course writers name are accepted in panel and through them manuscripts is prepared. After that for its detailed study textbook subject respective advisors are appointed advises are thought about. In that necessary suggestions are considered. After that manuscript in view of Vishay setu is read. Thus, this activity is completed manuscripts is ready.
.In writer / Advisor / Translator appointment process concerned standard textbook subject related educational qualification and experience being considered appointment is being done.
.Writing / suggestion / proof reading / translation related prize is decided in mandal general meeting. The rates are paid as given below.
.Writing work prize for each person’s Rs. 500/- to collective panel.
.Suggestion prize per person Rs. 30/- for each suggestion.
.Proof reading prize Rs. 20 per printed page.
.Translation prize – per printed page Rs. 200/- for all language joint panel.
.For writing / suggestion / proof reading / translation work with writers contract is done. In organized meeting / workshop to remain present “Baithak Bhatthu”. TA, DA, Accidental exp. And refreshment expense rate details.
.Baithak Bhatthu Rs. 150 per day.
.TA/DA Rs. 120 per day.
.Accidental exp. Rs. 100/- or reality expense.
.Refreshment exp. Rs. 30/- per day (per member).
.Meeting is arranged in local similarly out of station and educational organizations similarly famous places.
.Besides textbook, Std. wise students for extra reading, experiment books, Teacher work book, dictionary etc. related banks are prepared.