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Along with Gujarat State textbook Mandal working related institutes, units and for from persons taken fees/deposit / periodic subscription / fees and other details.
  Fees/DepositNecessary Detail
(1)Textbook retailer registration(1)For 3 years fees is Rs. 40 (2) for 5 years fees is Rs. 60 (Payment is accepted through DD or Money Order) (1)Shop registration number (As per Gumasta rule or Gram Panchayat rule)
(2)Press registration feeRs. 5000/- is accepted as deposit through DD (Bills payment is accepted through Demand Draft or goods for payment.Normally government percale sangh or big co-operative institutes are appointed as distributors.
(3)Press registration feeRs. 5000/- from DD (Non-refundable) are accepted. Rs. 25000/- bank guarantee. Rs. 5000 – changeable deposit Rs. 700000/- paper insurance policy.(1)Gumasta Dhar registration no.(2)Printing machinery bill. (3)Place ownership document/rent receipt, municipal tax bill, light bill, telephone bill. (as proofs) (4)Sales tax no.
(4)DTP unit registration feeThrough DD. Rs.1000 fee is accepted (non-refundable)(1)Mandal decided standard software. (2)Gumasta Dhara registration no. (3)Place ownership rent receipt (4)Sales Tax No.
(5)Process studio registration feeRs. 2500 is accepted through DD (non refundable)(1)Standard quality’s scanner, image setter, processor, computer (2)Gumasta Dhara reg. no. (3)Locate ownership rent receipt (4)Sales tax No.
(6)“Balshrushti” depositRs. 40 annual deposit (for teacher students) Rs. 80 annual deposit, loose copies price Rs.8 (Deposit will be accepted through cash, cheque, draft or money order)Institutes principals certificate