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Mandals textbooks created by hand prize rates
No.DetailsPrize RateNote
1Written workRs. 500Except language for other subjects writing for per printed page, to panel jointly
2Drawing exercise etc chief writingRs. 500For language textbooks for printed per page to panel jointly
3Translation prizeRs. 200For translation in all languages for per page to panel jointly
4Language prizeRs. 30Printed book per page
5Suggestion prizeRs. 30Printed book per page, per suggestion
6Suggested press cup (1) hand written (2) T.P. on computerRs. 15
Rs. 20
Written per page
Printed per page
7From view of subject product hand checking prizeRs. 20Per printed page
8Language editing prizeRs. 50After translation from concerned language expert to get language editing done as per printed page
9From view point of subject product textbook printing checking prize Rs. 20Book being arrived for reprinting
10From view point “Subject product” new text books proof reading prizeRs. 10Per page
11Printed textbook has to be done free from error.Rs. 10Under this project to more than 1 person work is allotted then per person and printed page.
12For edited poem/prose editing prizeRs. 500Language textbooks per panel creation
13For edited prose / poem creative writing, till textbook is in implementation till that only 1 time prize.Rs. 3000Copyright prize.
14Textbooks panel consumers prize.Rs. 2000Per book
15Subject advisor prizeRs. 10000Per book
16Audit prizeRs. 20000Per book as per need of subject