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Guidelines to choose a Career
The dilemma in choosing a career:
Every one of us has faced a big dilemma while selecting the field of our education as well as occupation. The teenagers passing out from Std. 10th and 12th as well as their parents find this as a very complex and tough decision to take when they have to decide which career to choose from a plethora of options available to them. Moreover, in our country, where there is almost an absence of the career counsellors or guides in the universities who can provide a professional guidance to the students regarding which course and profession they should pursue, it becomes a very tough situation. Whatever guidelines are available are the last minute guidelines without a proper understanding of the student’s aptitude. This results into a professional and personal disaster in the long run. Hence, if a correct guidance is not available at the right time, it may ruin the career of the brightest student. Each profession requires a special aptitude. In order to recognise the aptitude of a student with respect to various professions, a team of career counsellors have designed an Aptitude Test based on certain principles. The Aptitude test will provide a guideline to the students and their parents regarding which profession would be best suitable for the student amongst the two major vocational choices Viz. 1. Professions related to Science and Technology and 2. Professions related to Arts and Commerce.
.Science and Technology
.Arts and Commerce