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Courses run by Krushi University after standard 10
In main industries in our country forming and animal rearing are today most important. Gujarat State also holds a prominent place in whole country at farming sector and in dairy industry animal rearing sector most probably Gujarat is on Top In Gujarat if there 2 important sectors it remains at top then with that target in Gujarat state in 1972 first Krushi University was established. Krushi University work area is whole Gujarat. As such a krushi university can work more efficiently for that at present only one Krushi University instead of it there are 4 Krushi Universities.
(1) Sardar Patel Krushi University
(2) Anand Krushi University
(3) Navsari Krushi University
This Agricultural Universities work is as under:
(1) To run courses, farming, animal rearing, fisheries etc. different types of Diploma courses are run till graduation, post graduation and PHD.

(2) Research : To do research for different type of saving method, to in crease crop production crops diseases necessary research, similarly for farming new technology progresses such research are done. Over and above in animal rearing sector necessary progress happens for that to stop the animal diseases similarly to increase milk production necessary research is done.

(3) Extension: Under extension programme various researches done reach the former.

In above mentioned 4 universities the following courses are run.
Krushi Related Diploma and Certificate Courses
Krushi Diploma
Duration 2 years
Eligibility Std. 10 passes priority to farming subjects. (Student activity Rs. 190 annually)