Education Department
Secondary Teacher’s Training Institute(STTI), Gandhinagar

This institution does the work of providing secondary /Higher Secondary schools in-service teachers with training. In whole Gujarat in secondary schools to train teachers separate facility first started in Gujarat.

(1) Module preparation and printing work

Module preparation and Printing work till January 2008, standard 8-12 main subjects and in GSEB with 0 % result school for teachers training programme totally 10 modules are prepared at an expense of Rs. 312223 are prepared and at time of trainee teachers and schools it is provided for preparing module, textbooks writer, investigators, expert teachers and lecturers all are combined and totally 82 experts has been taken.

(2) Training Programmes

During April 2007 January 2008 through 67 programmes totally 1323 teachers are given training. Based on “Vishysetu” in training programmes through pre-test and post test teachers subject capacity is evaluated. In many subjects trainee teachers are giving good response. In year 2007-08, till January 2008 and for raining Programmes Rs. 17370897 is invested.

This institution specially arranges more programmes on content area. After that school management software programme disaster management and English speaking and listening programmer are stressed more. Through Vikram A. Sarabhai Community Science Center, Ahmedabad (VASCSC) technical support self-formed maths material (TLM) preparation related programmes are also arranged. In different training programmer states all districts principal, teacher and clerk are invited for training. Through STTI besides their training work Gujarat state school “Pathya Pustak Mandal” and Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Board, Gandhinagar cooperation study improvement project is done. In which for secondary and higher secondary (Science stream and common stream) 17 subjects work is done.