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National Scholarship Scheme
Scheme Details
The Commissionerate of schools over sees the administration of over 6000 educational and other institutions of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. While certain institution are directly managed and controlled by the Commissionerate, others are being funded through it, all recruitment of the Staff, their salaries, allowances and retirement benefits are however being controlled through the Commissionerate directly. It is therefore necessary to strengthen the Commissionerate by providing Fax Machine, Copy Printer, Franking Machine, Water Cooler, etc.
Scholarship for Post Metric Studies
The Scheme for award of National Scholarships on merit was introduced in 1961-62 for Post-matric Studies so that no brilliant student is prevented on ground of poverty from pursuing an academic career. The scholarships are allotted among the various States and Union Territory on the basis of population. The Registrars of Universities/Secretaries of Education Boards furnish data in regard to the number of students appeared and passed in various examinations in prescribed proforma by the end of September each year.
Scholarships for Post-Metric Students in Hindi
The main object of the scheme is to encourage study of Hindi in non-Hindi speaking States and to make available to the Governments of these States, suitable personnel for teaching and other posts where knowledge of Hindi is essential.
Scholarships for Children from Rural Areas
This scheme has been in operation since 1971-72. The objective of the scheme is to provide opportunities to school students from rural areas to pursue secondary stage education. The number of scholarships allocated is communicated to the State Govts/UT Administration every year.