Who you are?
What to do after standard 10th?
In daily life we are taking so many decisions? Have you ever thought about this? These decisions are of different types like.
Daily decisions taken as a part of routine – School/office going decisions, to do brush in the morning, to go for bathing or at night decision for sleeping etc. These all decisions are part of our routine life. So very easily these decisions are taken and followed by us.
Many decisions are such that for taking them any logic is not there at that time considering the need at that moment only decision is taken. eg. While returning from school / college / office one is very hungry with friends one takes decision of eating Dabeli/Vadapav or hot breakfast. When one is thirsty then decision of drinking water.
Many decisions are such which are part of momentary excitement e.g. In provision store went to purchase a soap. Soap’s fragrance was liked and purchased. A new ball pen / gel pen was liked and purchased.
Yes, some decisions are such which are taken after thinking properly. E.g. If new washing machine / bikes has to be purchased? The moment we are thinking about purchasing it from then onwards only various washing machine / bikes advertisement are seen, read, listened carefully price / quality / services are compared. Friends / relatives review is asked. Do survey by visiting 2/4 showrooms. We ask the trader also whom we trust and then only we take the purchase decision i.e. on basis of complete involvement and logic decision is taken bike and washing machine if purchased today can be, purchased after 5-7 years also. But some decisions we have to take once only. In our whole life we take that decision only once i.e. what is to be done after standard 10? In our life we take many important decisions, but this is probably very importantly most important decision. So it should be a carefully thought out decision. On the basis of this decision our life and careers directions will be decided. In older days, after doing matriculation many students were deciding not to study further but today this is not the case.
What to do after standard 10? This questions answer has many alternatives. Due to this some problem is also created to go this way or that such confusion is created. My childhood friend is taking admission in this course so I also should take admission in this course only. Such curiosity also arises but to blindly follow don’t mistake to take decision. Whatever decision is taken has to be taken after properly thinking / understanding. All alternatives knowledge has to be taken / available alternatives have to be compared / if needed then knowledgeable – experts guidance has to be taken and your own capacity / circumstances / pro & cons considering them you yourself will take decision then that decision is best.