Who you are?
What after standard 10?
Thus after standard 10 whole sky is ope (eager) to welcome you. Beneath your feet there is green carpet and if you wish there is no obstacle in the front. You put feet on this carpet walk, run…run with the colorful dreams you have power to see. Sky is the limit.
After standard 10 for further studies you consider your interest and preference then whatever alternative you have chosen you will remain or top. – i.e. if you remain first bencher then for you whole sky is open.
Which stream to choose science – commerce – arts? Or any other?
As we know every year 5-6 lacs students give 10th standard exam. From that 3-4 lacs students pass this exam and their parents have to take an important decision what to do next? Because there is a possibility that this decisions marks the direction of your career. Therefore this decision has to be taken after deciding all the pros and cons.
What to do after standard 10? Main alternatives (options)
If we talk about main options after passing standard 10 then (1) To study in standard 11 & 12. (2) Diploma in engineering similarly other diplomas. (3) To study ITI’s various courses. (4) To study in technical studies various certificate courses. (5) To study in fine arts diploma course. (6) To study in agriculture rector’s university courses. (7) To study in various professional courses. (8) To further leave the studies and join business or job.
First choice Standard 11-12
What to do after standard 10 its best answer if given in one line then one should take admission in standard 11. After standard 10 for further studies mainly 2 streams are there. (1) Commerce (common) stream (2) Science stream
Study in Commerce (Common) stream:
1) By keeping subjects of arts or 2) By keeping subjects of commerce. Admission can be taken in standard 11 in common stream for standard 11 exam is taken by school and for standard 12 exam is taken by board. And you might know that in standard 11 school take exam but papers are given by board.