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Diploma Engineering – which courses should be done?
First one thing is to be made clear that for admission in diploma at time of submitting the form it is not required to state whether in which college you want admission. When is called for admission at that time one can state ones choice (which diploma course/which institute).
Normally the students who want to make career in field of engineering but have obtained less percentage in standard 12 science course or if they think what if in standard 12 science less marks will be obtained? This doubt is there then they after standard 10th exam prefer admission in diploma course.
In diploma engineering to take admission in which course is the most important question and approximately for each parent this confusion arises. Which course is good how to decide that? Any course in diploma cannot be classified as good or bad. The course/line which is of interest of student that course can be said as good. Eg. Automobile engineering is one very good course. But the person who is not ready to blaken his hands he has no interest in it. Because the field in which one is interested for that course very nicely study. We are interested in which course we will like which course which will be good for us. Thus the course in which we are interested for that we will have to do survey ourselves. Many questions answer will be found like in the diploma course. What will be taught? Whatever course being done higher studies/self-employment/employment opportunities are how much – in which field from. These questions answer our choice 3-4 diploma courses have to be selected. This course is available in which education institutes by knowing that, about that institution also information has to be obtained (This information can be obtained from X-students)
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