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After Diploma in Engineering Degree Engineering
If in standard 10 good marks are obtained then many a times problem is created that in standard 11-12 do science or in good diploma course admission obtained? Many examples are there before us who have performed poorly in 12th science after scoring nicely in standard 10 i.e. 80-85 – 90% - Due to this many students if good marks are obtained in Std.10 then good diploma course admission is choosed. But here one thing is to be seen specially that in today’s competitive world on the basis of only diploma in engineering it is not easy to make a good career. Therefore if it is possible uptil then after diploma in engineering degree engineering course should be done for degree engineering course a lot of options are there among them one option is part time degree engineering course also.
Part time Degree course is best:
L.D. Engineering College situated in Ahmedabad is Government College. In this Gujarati famous Engineering College part time degree engineering course is also done. Total semester means 4 years duration this degree course is run during 6.15-9.30 night. Job doing or independent profession doing in diploma engineer can get Engineering’s Bachelor Degree for this part time degree course is run.
No. 12 Science:
If after standard 10 you have done civil, electronics, mechanical or electronics engineering course then you can get admission in part time degree course 12 science is not necessary.
Who can get admission?
(1) You should have done diploma after standard 10 (2) After passing diploma in engineering course, atleast 1 year experience is necessary. Government, co-operative or private in any institution experience has been taken regarding that certificate has to be given. (3) The branch in which diploma is done in that branch for degree admission is available.
How many seats in each branch?
In Ahmedabad 4 branch:
L.D. Engineering College, Gujarat University, In front of main building and very near to university bus stand. In this college (1) Mechanical (2) Civil & (3) Electrical and (4) Electronics and communication branch part time BE course is run.