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Institutional recognition method for higher education fields
What is the meaning of approval and recognition?
Commercial advertisements are very impressive and effective on heart and soul, specially to the children and women. Each and every thing is bought and sold. In such situation it is required that you stay alert and don’t get cheated. You must have seen two touchy advertisement on the television, in one you see a small boy in the medical store paying the shopkeeper in old coins for the medicines which has been expired and in other you see an old man getting angry at a shopkeeper. As a reaction to these scenes there is a message , Which says “ Jaago Grahak Jaago”. This type of campaign are started every now and then for bringing awareness in the people of the country. Yet we come across and read a lot about the cases of cheating in admission and job placement. No field is left out of such things also the education system. Fundamentally every university, college, courses seats are approved by some rules and regulatory system. Mainly in the advertisements of new institutes these kind of words can be seen ; University recognized, U.G.C. recognized, Recognized by, approved by, affiliated to etc. Now a days universities and institutes show star recognition according to accredition.
This shows the status of the institute. Directly or indirectly it gives surety that our institute has a brand name and students and parents will not get cheated. All the formalities are mostly as per the rules and regulations. This approval or affiliation as taken just as we purchase a ISI or ISO marked product. This includes 3 Qs that are QUALITY, QUANTITY and QUALIFICATION. Checking the approval and affiliation is not a matter of doubt over any body but it is needed as to keep alert as “Wake up students wake up” or Wake up parents wake up”.
Education affiliation scenario in the state ( This information is also useful in research and scholarship also )
Education is widely spread in our Gujarat. Many institutes are involved in pre primary to post graduate studies. For higher studies universities and private institutes are involved Self financed institutes and primary education activities have increased. In this wide spread network institutes involved in these activities must be affiliated and recognized. Except for a couple of cases most of the institutes are affiliated and recognized. This is a good situation and has been appreciated everywhere. Schools are affiliated to Government, Panchayat, S.S.C. Board, C.B.S.E. Board. Universities and colleges are having two three affiliations. Professional colleges have special approval and affiliation. These include UGC, AIUA, MCI, AICTE, DCI, NCTE etc. They recognize and approve different higher studies institutes .