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Scholarship assistance
A scholarship is a very important motivational tool for the students and it helps them in establishing a strong educational background which is necessary for a great career. Through a scholarship, a student can receive motivation for studies through various ways from family, school, institution, society as well as government. To give motivation to a bright student, every institution has contributed. The princely states, government as well as leading business organizations; all have been conducting various scholarship related activities in our country since a long time. But these facilities remain neglected and students don’t prepare for qualifying for such scholarships, which should not be the case.

Scholarship is an assistance provided to a student in form of fees, books or a maintenance allowance. Generally a high amount is given to a student in form of merit scholarship, loan scholarship or an educational loan. In a democracy, this work is generally carried out by the government or the government appointed institutions. There are institutions within a community, community trusts as well as public institutions also that provide these facilities.

A scholarship has various facets. It can be in form of general education, foreign education, research fellowship, language research fellowship, talent search etc. The scholarship may be restricted to a country, region or a community. Apart from this, there are a few scholarships available especially for teachers, military servicemen, sports persons or people who have achieved a distinction in any particular field. A scholarship can be classified into three categories:

1. Government Scholarship
2. Bank loan
3. Assistance from the community.

Lets discuss the details regarding these.