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Trust facilities
A trust is created in order to perform various activities for the benefit of the society. There are several trusts that provide the scholarship facilities. A trust can be formed by a society, social group, community or a businessman in order to pursue welfare activities. There are several trusts in Ahmedabad, Gujarat as well as in Mumbai. Diverse facilities are provided by these trusts. A few financially sound trusts provide the services to the entire society whereas a few trusts provide their services to a certain area or a community. There are a lot of trusts having a limited budget but they also have been providing services since along time. Hence, a trust can be of any nature and size but the main purpose of such trusts is to build a better society by providing financial support to the students pursuing an education.

There are a large number of trusts focused on providing scholarships to the deserving students. Let us see the number of trusts and their area of operations.
(1) There are more than 15 trusts from the various industrial houses such as Mafatlal, Birla etc that provides assistance to the students pursuing higher education.
(2) There are several trusts in Navsari, Kapadvanj, Saurashtra and Kutch which operate and provide services to the students belonging to these places. About 10 such trusts in these areas.
(3) There are about 17 trusts run by the government as well as various industrial houses providing scholarship facilities of higher education to the students. Amongst them, Cambridge Society, Ratan Tata Trust, Bruhad Baharatiya Samaj, Commonwealth Scholarship etc are some of the leading names.
(4) There are a lot of trusts in Gujarat and outside Gujarat providing facilities to the students. The leading trusts amongst these are Saurashtra Vidhyarthi Mandal, Sayajirao trust, Jalaram Bapa trust, Canara Bank Education fund, Panchkuva Kapad Mahajan Trust etc. There are about 130 such trusts. Apart from these, there are various other community based trusts. Amongst them there are 40 trusts in the Vanik community, 6 in Bramha community, 3 in Kapol community, 4 in Patidar Patel community, 2 in Panchal community, 3 in Bramhakshatriya community and 1 in Koli community. There can be many more such trusts in different other communities which are not mentioned here so the above figures can vary. This is just a general idea regarding the number of trusts helping students for scholarships.

The parents should contact the trust authorities to avail the facilities provided by these trusts. These trusts also give advertisements in the newspapers for the various facilities provided by them to the students. The details of the facilities provided by the community based trusts can be obtained by contacting the trust authorities, community leaders, community magazines, circulars, community hostels, community business circle. The information regarding the scholarships provided by the community related trust can also be obtained in the career guides and career related magazines. However, there is a strong need in the society to establish an organized channel imparting the career and educational information and guidance to the students. The approach of the trusts should also change. They should also take an initiative to provide the information about their scholarship programs by interacting with the students in colleges as well as in community through educational camps. The main purpose of such initiatives should be in providing the encouragement and motivation to the students to pursue higher education and shape their careers and create a better society.