Who you are?
Most frequently asked Questions in Interview
 Why have you selected to join us?
 Where do you want to be in 5 years?
 Describe your ideal career?
 Tell me something about yourself?
 How did you apply for the job?
 Why do you want to work here?
 Don't you think that you are over qualified for this job?
 What competition do you see if you take up this job?
 What would you do if our competitor offer you a job?
 Why are you leaving your current job?
 What salary do you expect?
 What interests you most about the job?
 What is your dream job?
 Why should we take you?
 Don'ts : Do not repeat your resume
 Do's: Prove Your interest
 If you have unlimited time and financial resources how would you spend them
 How is your experience relevant to this job?
 How could you enrich your current job?
 How many days where you absent from work?
 Tell me about a time you had to deal with an irritate customer, how did you handle the solution?
 How do you manage stress in your daily work?
 Describe a professional skill you have developed in you?
 How do you manage your work to meet dead lines
 What books you read?
 What are the most rewarding aspect of you most recent job?
 What aspects of this job do you feel most confident?
 What can motivate you?
 Whom do you choose as your reference and why?
 Can we call all your references?
 Do you have any questions?
 How do you handle criticism
 Tell me about a situation that upset you at work
 Have you ever been fired?
 Do you change your job frequently?
 What is the toughest job you had?
 How do you handle tension?
 What is your current salary?
 Will you be willing to accept transfer?
 What is your weakness?