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GIET has been registered as an independent institute so that it can have sufficient freedom to work efficiently towards fulfilling the institute's aims. Various committees have been formed to supervise upon the activities of the institute and to provide necessary guidance.

Governing Body :

.Evaluating the annual performance of the institute.
.Providing policy guidance to the institute; focusing towards a more efficient management.
.Approving the annual report Evaluated by the executive committee.
.Approving the estimated budget for sending it to the central government.

Apart from the governing body the institute has following standing committees.

.Executive Committee that supervises the management issues and gives advices.
.Programme Advisory Committee that supervises upon the production department and gives advices.
.Finance and Establishment Committee that supervises upon financial matters and service related issues regarding the employees. It also prepares the budget estimates.
All these committees operate under the authority of institute's Memorandum of Association.

Apart from the above committees there is Script Committee and Preview Committee.

Script Committee:

GIET organizes workshops to train teachers in script writing and prepares textbooks based scripts. Apart from these subjects the scripts are prepared in subjects like - cultural and ethical values, research, literature, animal sanctuaries and ancient architectures. These scripts are thereafter presented to the script committee. The committee evaluates these scripts and has rights to approve or disapprove the scripts presented. The approved scripts are then handed over to the directors for the television/radio programmes.

Preview Committee :

Once the script is approved and the director makes the programme; it is presented to the preview committee. The preview committee evaluates and approves the produced programmes. The committee examines the technical and educational aspects of the programme. The preview committee has the rights to give suggestions and disapprove the programme if it is not up to the mark. The approved programme is then sent for broadcasting.