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The institute produces educational audio and video programmes. These programmes are educational, ethical and mainly aimed for teachers and a specific age group of children. Special care is taken to sustain and eventually improve the quality of these programmes. The programmes are broadcasted only after the pre-view committee assesses and approves them. The programmes are focused mainly on the teachers and children; therefore teachers play important role in preparing them too. The teachers often write the scripts of the programmes, teacher's help is taken in preparing the programmes once the script committee approves them.

The institute has a collection of about 1000 educational programmes on variety of subjects at present. Around 200 programme VCDs are also available. These VCD are sold to the schools and others interested at a reasonable rate.

Subjects For Audio-Video Production
.Social Studies
.Value Education
.Subjects Related To Ssc/Hsc Examinations
.Interviews And Meetings With Outstanding Personalities
.Interactions With Talented Children
.Dance / Folk Dance / Drama
.Women Education / State Projects Like Sardar Sarovar

The programmes list has been put up in the institute's website ( We can be contacted through email also.