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Production Highlights
  Among these 200 programme VCDs are available.
  There has been programmes produced on National and social issues like Women education, Environment, Literacy, Board examinations, award distribution to the teachers and students.
  Organizations like the Govt. Forest Department and 'Mahila Samakhya' and 'Continuing Literacy' opt for GIET to produce programmes for their institutes.
  45-50 teachers are trained for script writing every year in the script writing workshops. These workshops are held twice or thrice a year.
  There are programmes made on subjects related to the middle schools and higher education.
  The CVDs of the programmes are displayed and sold at a reasonable cost on occasions like science fairs.
  GIET broadcasts interviews of award winning and special teachers and students.
  Animation films are produced for children.
  The institute invites and creates a panel of good and experienced directors, cameramen and artists from outside and prepares programmes with their help and guidance.
  Dubbing of CIET produced Hindi programmes in to regional language.
  Coverage and broadcast of events like-National science day and local science exhibitions to encourage scientific mentality into children.
  GIET aims to produce 200 video programmes and 40 audio programmes every year.
  To help and support the students participating in the state board examinations; GIET has been producing programmes related to the examination and programmes giving psychological guidance to the students from past three years.