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Gujarat Institute of Educational Technology
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The institute is geared to develop educational delivery systems with the changing times.
Producing more quality programmes on subjects like Education, Forest, Health and Panchayat.
GIET intends to broadcast programmes on the private channels.
Providing VCDs to the primary schools / CRCS to build educational video library.
The institute plans to distribute 1000 TV sets and 1000 DVD/ CD players to the primary schools of the state in the next Five Year Plan.
At present the institute owns resources like digital vision mixer, digital non-linier editing set up, digital intercom. The institute intends to convert the rest of the studio resources into a digital format..
GIET targets to achieve more efficiency, better quality and variety in the future broadcasts by empaneling best Directors from the industry.
With the help of EduSat the institute intends to reach up to the most interior areas of the state.