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Awards and Achievements
The institute participates in the annual Japan Prize Festival. Programmes like 'Rang', 'Diwadandi', 'Disha', and 'Plastic waste or best' have been sent to this festival.
The institute participates in the National educational audio/video festival organized by CIET every year. The institute has achieved three awards in the year 2004-05 in this festival.
GIET covers all the important state events and broadcasts them within an appropriate time frame.
more than 800 teachers of CBSE Schools were trained using the studio up to November 2009 under Nation wide Classroom teleconferencing project with the guidance from NCERT (CIET), also 300 teachers of gujarat state were trained through edusat network.
Won 1st prize in audio programme (AWAZ) in 17th National Children Audio - Video festival organasied by NCERT/CIET, New Dilhi.also won individual prize of best producation(Shri. M. C. Bhusara), Best Sound Recording (Shri. Tushar Patel ) in this programme.
Make documentry film on (Sant Vinoda Bhave) in the series of "Visrata Patro" .
1200 children video programmes has been digitalized .
Organized script writing workshop in the month of July-2012, 25 primary teachers were trained "how to right video programme script".
Copy of the video programme of std 6th, 7th and 8th has been given to SSAM to upload in computers labs of primary schools.