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Points : Major Activities
National Service Scheme
. For the National Service Scheme activity, volunteers are allotted by the Indian Government every year. Regular activities and special camps are included in this scheme. Allocation of annual grant is shared in 7:5 ratios by the Central Govt. and the State Govt. respectively. In Colleges associated with the universities and Higher Secondary Schools of the State are involved in both these activities. These activities are run for the students taking higher education to take interest in the social activities and to be helpful to his family and the nation in the special activities by being educated in the social services.
Martyr Kinariwala Student Safety Group Insurance Scheme
The Security Group Insurance Scheme is implemented for the students studying in the higher and technical education. This scheme is introduced with the objective that in the incidents of student’s death due to accident, damage to limbs and such wounds due to which the student feels complete permanent disability, their family gets insurance coverage under this scheme. The complete expense of the payment of the premium of the insurance policy is borne by the State Govt.
This scheme was started from the year 2000-01. By now, out of 431 claim applications, 293 applications were sanctioned and the remuneration of aid of Rs.209.13 lacs has been paid.
. To receive proposals for the required furniture in the government colleges of the State.
. To prepare proposals to start new government colleges in the State
. To approve the designations of the newly started government colleges as per the plan.
. To prepare the budget estimates of the government colleges in the plan.
. To allocate grants as per the expenditure registers of the government colleges in the plan.
. To tally on the basis of the expense register every three months at the AG Office, Rajkot.
. To prepare the proposals for the construction of the government colleges, hostels and quarters.
. To send these estimates of building construction every year to the Education Department.
. To permit the government colleges of the State to go on the educational tour.
. Admission Procedure in the government ladies hostel and to approve the contracts for mess – canteen.
Office Automation
. Aim of this project is to get transparency in administrative work through computerization of office. Currently this project put live in office and its run successfully.
Web portal
. Aim of this project is to connect all higher educational institution under one node.Currently the first phase of this project is under implementation. The link of this portal is