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Academic Initiatives
Academic Initiatives
Understanding of the Reasons and Rules for the Partial Withdrawal and Submission Approval from the General Provident Fund
Loan Last Partial Withdrawal
Rule No Purpose Rule No Purpose
14 (1) 1. Serious Illness
(including dependents)
15 (1) 1. To meet with the expenses of higher education including travel expenses. That means out of India (A) of High School expense, technical education, for business, professional study, medical – engineering in India
14 (2) 2. For the expenses on the overseas travel for Health or Education 15 (2) 2. To meet with the engagement / marriage expense of the son – daughter or real dependent
14 (2-K) 3. To meet with the Education expenses in India 15 (Kh) 3. For illness including travel expenses including dependent
14 (2-A) 3. To meet with the Education expenses in India 15 (Gh) 4. For building house to reside including the land cost, for repairing etc. Get before the date of receiving application for withdrawal for expenses (one year) for the disbursement of new expenses
14 (3) 4. To meet with expenses of Marriage / Death rituals, traditional customs 15 (Ch) For Land Plot
14 (4) 5. For Court / Legal expenses Govt. duty, allegations (regarding job) The amount sanctioned for Haj. 15 (J) Instalments of Gruh Mandali
Loan Partial Final Withdrawal Eligibility
1 Should not increase more than three months salary / basic salary 1 After the completion of 10 years service.
2 Can be obtained after three months of the repayment of the previous loan 2 10 years before the date of retirement. Whichever is early
3 Instalments should be decided after the previous due loan recovery (in special case) 3 For building construction, can get after 10 years of the service.
4 For Class-4, for necessary items like Sugar, Oil, etc. basic salary of one month or Rs.450/- whichever is less 4 Withdrawal : 50% amount from the fund including interest or amount equivalent to the salary of six months, of these two, the lesser amount can be withdrawn at a time. Even then sanctioning officer can sanction 75% amount.
N.B. Write the purpose as per the rules in the application and the supporting documents to be attached.
. Form GPF
. GPF Part Withdrawal
. Enclosure
. Find Withdrawal
. 10-G In the Case of Death