About Department
SaaksharBharat - Sarasvatiyatra In Gujarat
.Impact functional literacy to illiterate adults in the age group of 15+
.Enable the neo-literates to continues their learning beyond basic literacy and acquire equivalency to formal educational system.
.Equip the neo-literates with skills to improve their living and earning conditions; and
.Establish a learning society by providing opportunities to neo literates for lifelong learning
.Achieve 80% literacy rate, In Sarasvatiyatra Achive 85% literacy rate
.Reduce gender gap in literacy to 10% , In Sarasvatiyatra this figure would be >10 %
.Reduce regional, social, and gender disparities,
.Extend coverage from 15-35 year age group to 15 + age
Focus Areas
.Rural women
.Schedule Caste (SCs), Schedule Tribes (STs) and Minorities
.Other disadvantaged groups and adolescents
.Low literacy States, Traible areas