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History/Evolution of NCC

 Early History. During 1947, Saurashtra was a separate princely state comprising the present districts of Bhavnagar, Amreli, Junagadh, Rajkot and Surendranagar. Remaining districts of the present Gujarat State formed part of Bombay State, which was a Union Territory. In 1949, Junior Division (JD) NCC coverage was provided to the schools of Saurashtra, whereas both JD and Senior Division (SD) coverage was provided to remaining districts of present Gujarat State (then forming part of Bombay State), under 1 Circle Cadet Corps located at Bombay. In 1955, 15 Circle Cadet Corps was formed at Jamnagar with three SD units, one each located at Rajkot, Morbi and Bhuj. In Jun 1956, Greater Bombay State emerged by merging Saurashtra State with Bombay state, which resulted in disbandment of HQ 15 Circle Cadet Corps at Jamnagar.

 2.         Birth of Gujarat State NCC.  The State of Gujarat emerged from the former Greater Bombay State on 01 May 1960. Until then, every State had a Circle HQ. 1 Circle Cadet Corps Bombay was re-organised into 1 & 15 Circle Cadet Corps with the latter located at Ahmedabad, vide Government of India, Ministry of Defence letter No 1629/4/A/NCC/C(A-II)/1159/HQ/D(GS-III) dated 25 Apr 1960. HQ 15 Circle Cadet Corps, commanded by Lt Col AOT Paul, Maratha Light Infantry, started functioning at Ahmedabad from 09 May 1960. Later on 04 Feb 1963, the designation of Circle Commander changed to Director Cadet Corps, and the office renamed as Cadet Corps Directorate Gujarat.

 3.         Union Territories NCC. The NCC units at union territory of Dadra Nagar Haveli was grouped with NCC Directorate Gujarat vide Government of India, Ministry of Defence letter No 7861/NCC/ PLG/022/US/D (GS-III) dated 28 Feb 1963. Subsequently, the union territories NCC of Diu & Daman were also included. Thus, the Directorate is now responsible for the NCC in whole of Gujarat State and the Union Territories of Dadra Nagar Haveli, Diu & Daman.

 4.         Compulsory NCC Training. In 1962, NCC training was made compulsory for all able-bodied male students of colleges. In order to carry out the additional task and to ensure effective command and control, the Government of India ordered the raising of NCC Group HQ as a link between the Directorate and the units. Accordingly, the undermentioned NCC Group HQs were sanctioned for Gujarat vide Government of India, Ministry of Defence letter No 7741/ NCC/ PLG/ 1320-B/ D (GS-VI) dated Apr 1964:-

    (a)   NCC Group HQ (A), Ahmedabad.

    (b)   NCC Group HQ (B), Ahmedabad.

    (c)   NCC Group HQ (C), Ahmedabad.

    (d)   NCC Group HQ, Vadodara.

    (e)   NCC Group HQ, Rajkot.

    (f)    NCC Group HQ, Surat.

    (g)   NCC Group HQ, Vallabh Vidya Nagar. (V V Nagar)

 5.         Re-structuring.  Subsequently, NCC Group HQ (C) Ahmedabad, was moved to Bhavnagar and designated as NCC Group HQ Bhavnagar vide Govt  of India, Ministry of Defence letter No 5401/ NCC/ PLG/ 7037/ D(GS-IV) dated  17 Dec 1964.  NCC Group HQ (B), Ahmedabad was disbanded on 02 Feb 1969, as per Directorate General NCC letter No 2889/ 23/ NCC/ Planning dated 28 Oct 1968. Thus, there is now only one Group HQ in Ahmedabad. NCC Group HQ Bhavnagar and Surat were disbanded during re-organisation vide Directorate General NCC letter No 1889/ 2/ DG NCC/ Planning dated 03 Feb 1977.  A total of 20 units were also disbanded in the entire state.

  6. Current Status. The Directorate today has five groups under command as under:-

    (a)   NCC Group HQ, Ahmedabad

    (b)   NCC Group HQ, Vadodara

    (c)   NCC Group HQ, Rajkot

    (d)   NCC Group HQ, Vallabh Vidya Nagar. (V V Nagar)

    (e)   NCC Group HQ, Jamnagar (New Raising)

 7.         In the 3rd Phase 01 x Group HQ at Jamnagar, 01x Army Unit and 06 x Naval units are raised. Details are as under :-

    (a)   NCC Group HQ, Jamnagar

    (b)   35 Gujarat Bn NCC, Palanpur

    (c)   4 Gujarat Naval Unit NCC, Porbandar

    (d)   5 Gujarat Naval Unit NCC, Bhuj

    (e)   6 Gujarat Naval Unit NCC, Gandhidham

    (f)    7 Gujarat Naval Unit NCC, Veraval

    (g)   8 Gujarat Naval Unit NCC, Jamnagar

    (h)   9 Gujarat Naval Unit NCC, Navsari

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