Personnel & Co-ordination Branch
DG NCC Commendation Card
  1. DG NCC Commendation Card is given to NCC personnel each year in recognition of their outstanding acts of service and dedication to duty.
  2. These awards are announced once a year on the NCC Day.
  3. The following personnel are eligible for these awards :-
    (a) NCC Whole time and Part time officers.
    (b) UOIs and SMIs.
    (c) NCC Cadets, both boys and girls.
  4. Qualifying Acts and Selection For DG NCC Commendation card : The Commendation card is awarded to persons for glaring acts or deeds in the field of adventure sports, training or for their personal outstanding contribution in social or cultural activities. The Civilians of central and state Govt. posted in NCC are also eligible for DGNCC Commendation Card for meritorious service in recognition of the following for a period of five years :
    (1) The outstanding and distinguised service rendered by the civilian employees in discharge of their duties.
    (2) The dedication and devotion to work displayed by NCC Civilians in furtherance of the cause of NCC.
    (3) Outstanding contribution for efficient management of various NCC activities including camps.
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