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The innovative experiments of the State Examination Board, Gandhinagar

.Started the use of Barcode Stickers for written examinations and other materials to stop the incidents of irregularities in the exams.
.Created zone wise subject-groups this year for qualitative, neutral and fair evaluation and examination work considering the increase in PTC numbers.
.First time, subject wise examiners are appointed by the mail merge program of computer after preparing data as per the profiles of the all PTC professors, by giving them rating and grades.
.Neutral, Fair and effective evaluation has become possible by giving the answer key of the question papers after computerization for the first time.
.Trainers got the best chance for the preparation of the exam because of the preparation of question papers based on the Blue Print.
.For the first time in the history of the State Examination Board, the evaluation work started from the third day after the completion of the paper.
.The experiments like Coding and dotted hide line have been used in the blank answer paper to avoid any kind of changes or mischief. Insertions are printed giving serial numbers.
.To avoid any kind of mistake or error in any question paper, reviewed by the expert and experienced masters of the subjects. Key verification was also made.
.Previously there were only two assessment centers for the first and second year. By increasing them, nine assessment centers of all mediums were set up. Experienced and expert professors of the respective subjects are appointed as the representative of the Board on every assessment center.
.It was indicated in the public notification to inform the Board about the specialties of the student whose external assessment by the college is above 90 to control the corruption in the Self Financed Colleges. Due to this external assessment was under control.
.Examination Code of Conduct, Guidelines and different types of forms were properly computerized. Because of that it has become simpler for all the colleges and center administrators and got enthusiastic response.
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