• Institutional (for each of these SIS, DPO, DOE, CRC, BRC, DIETs, SCERT and SIEMAT) performance and reform in educational planning management
    Institutional structure such as SPO, DPOs, BRCs and CRCs have been adequately staffed and trained. DIETs have been imparting training to the teachers. DIETs of the DPEP – II and IV districts have been provided with adequate financial grant and infrastructure facilities for organising training programmes.

    The GCPE has decided to operationalise a GIEMAT Cell at the State Project Office. The feasibility study is currently in progress.

  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation
    Constant monitoring and evaluation of project interventions have been a key feature of DPEP. In Gujarat, Officers from SPO make regular visits to the project districts for supervision and effective monitoring. Monitoring is also being done by the district, BRC and CRC co-ordinators.

F. how each of the interventions will be further refined to address lessons learned during project implementation.

Since, Gujarat Council of Primary Education is also implementing Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan in Gujarat, more on the lines of DPEP, the state, district and sub-district level structure will ensure both replication and sustainability of the good practices and interventions initiated under DPEP.

The Institutions of BRCs and CRCs have been created in all the districts. They have been oriented on providing pedagogical support and monitoring the project for Universalization of Elementary Education. Likewise, the structures of VEC, MTA and PTA have been created at Village level allover the state and their members have been oriented on playing a crucial role in the management of primary schools and issues related to primary education at local level.

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