Design Ideas for Fun & Learning
Understanding the Physical World Around Us
1.Measures Around Us

Scales Horizontally and Vertically




2.Angles Around Us

Angle Protractor on Window Glass

Angles on a Window Grill

Door Angle Protractor

Cupboard Angle Protractor

Angles in a Bench

Highlighting Naturally Occurring Angles in Buildings

Wall Balance

See-Saw Balance

4.Symmetry Around Us

Symmetry in the Built Elements

Revealing Part-Whole Images

Symmetry in Geometrical Shapes

Symmetry in Mirror Images

Symmetry in Traditional Motifs and Patterns

Rotational Symmetry

Symmetry in the Natural World

5. Invert Images

Inverted Images on Railings

Inverted Images in Mirrors

Inverted Images on Borders

6. Visual Illusions on Walls

Impossible Illusions

Deceptive Illusions.

Dual Illusions
7. Colour Teasers

Fan Colour Wheels

Window Colour Panel

Colourful Sun Catcher

Panel of Colour Shades
8. Map Your World

Map of the Classroom

Map of the School

Map of the Neighbourhood / Village

Map of the City / District / State

Map of the Country

Map of the World

Me and my World

Activity Map in Brick and Sand
9.Planetary Orbits on the Ground

Simple Planetary Orbits

Planetary Orbits with Twelve Divisions

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Many of these design ideas and much more has been implemented across 1620 Model Schools spread over all the districts of Gujarat. If you visit these schools, you will also find a lot of innovation in these schools. In fact, no two schools will be identical or same.

A school before BaLA intervention

The school after BaLA intervention

What is i -BaLA ?
Nationally, now there is a focus on making inclusive learning environment for Children withSpecial Needs (CWSN) in all schools. Hence, SSA in Gujarat is now taking another initiative of i-BaLA or inclusive-BaLA. This is the first time that it is being done in the country. This is being developed in partnership with Blind People's Association Ahmedabad and Vinyas. Presently some BaLA ideas are being adapted for use in learning activities for children with hearing impairment, mental retardation and visual impairment. It may be noted that only mild and moderate categories of such children are likely to attend the inclusive schools. i-BaLA is designed for such children. SSAM plans to take it to a large number of schools across the state.

Some of the i-BaLA idea adaptations are given below:

Engraved and embossed i-i-Prewriting Aid on i-Board Game - Snake & Ladder
Engraved Prewriting Groove on WallPrewriting i-Grill and Rail in corridor

All these BaLA design ideas were developed with an in-depth understanding of children's

Spatial aspirations from their school

Natural behavioural patterns in school space

Need for facilitation of all round growth and development

Problematic areas of comprehension in teaching and learning

Socio-cultural-educational background at home

Need for literacy environment

Special needs of hearing impairment visual impairment, or that of mental retardation

It is also based on a detailed study of repair, environment enhancement and construction issues of the school building components


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