Que.1:How to decide the strength of eligible for admission students of standard 1st?
Reply:Survey about the strength of eligible for admission children of standard first has been made by the teachers from door to door.
Que.2:What is the retention rate of student from Standard 1st to 7th?
Reply:The retention rate of student from Standard 1 to 7 is 92.44 in 2011-12.
Que.3:Which type affords done to increase the retention rate?
Reply: In school, with a view to complete the education throughout standard 8 for the student who entered in standard 1, organized SMC. Parents association is held in the school. Contact with the parents of irregular students in the school done by teachers. With a view to enhance the girl education and to complete the education till standard 8 for the girl students Vidhya Laxmi Bond scheme implemented for enrolled girls in standard 1st in those village in which literate rate is less then 35%. In NPEGEL scheme, there are also provide the facilities to the school for girls.
1.Facilities of sanitation provided in the schools.
2.Special physical facilities with educational subject are provided to the schools under the scheme BaLA (Building as Learning Aid) so that children learn by playing.
3.Introducing of the duties of the members of SMC by community mobilization training.

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