List of Abbreviations
AIE Alternative and Innovative Education
AS Alternative Schooling
BRC Block Resource Centre
BRCC Block Resource Centre Co-ordinator
CRC Cluster Resource Centre
CRC Cluster Resource Centre Co-ordinator
DEEP Distance Elementary Education Programme
DIET District Institute of Education & Training
DISE District Information System for Education
DPEP District Primary Education Programme
DPO District Project office
EC Executive Committee
ECCE Early Child Care and Education
ECE Early Child hood Education
EE&L Elementary Education & Literacy
EGS Education Guarantee Scheme
EMIS Educational Management Information System
GC General Council
GOI Government of India
ICDS Integrated Child Development Scheme
IED Integrated Education for Disabled
MHRD Ministry of Human Resource Development
MIS Management Information System
MLL Minimum Level of Learning
MTA Mother Teachers' Association
NCERT National Council of Education Research and Training
NCTE National Council of Teacher Education
NER Net enrolment Ratio
NGO Non Government Organisation
NIEPA National Institute of Educational Planning & Administration
NPE National Policy on Education
PMIS Project Management Information System
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