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Community Mobilization and SMC
About Community Mobilization:
As you know, our most valuable resource in the community is our own people they can make decisions about the development of the village. Co-operation among community people is important to develop the Community's self reliance. The Community has an important role to identify and use available resources in the village, and to plan and act accordingly.

Why Community Mobilization is Necessary?

Proper Management of resources is the best possible way for the development of the Community Mobilization where people plan and do things. They take charge for transforming their community lives.
Community Mobilization allows people in the community to:

  • Identify needs and promote community interest.
  • Promote good leadership and democratic decision making.
  • Identify Specific groups for undertaking specific problems.
  • Identify all the available resources in the Community.
  • Plan the best use of the available resources.
  • Enable the Community to better give in itself.

Advantages of Community Participation
  • The School has to be viewed as a Social Organization, Organically linked to the community. Community must have an effective say in the Management of School.
  • As a mother of priority, the essential components of a good school need to be understood, especially by the parents.
  • Identify needs and promote community interest.

Introduction of School Management Committee ( SMCs):

SMC has very crucial role in actualizing the goals of RTE. Through its positive action and a constructive dialogue with other stakeholders the SMC can work towards reinstating a well-functioning school system. Consistency of positive action by SMC will change the dynamics and solution will begin to take shape, First to local levels and then at the large systemic levels.

All government, government aided and special category schools shall have to constitute SMCs as per Section 21 of the RTE Act.

Composition of the School Management Committee
Preparation of School Development Plan
Guidelines for Training of SMC & PRI Members
Training Module For PRI
Training Module For SMC
SMC Progress Report Year 2016-17

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