Pursuit of Quality Education

Chapter II Pursuit of Quality Education

  • Pedagogical Renewal Process
    Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Mission is a mission to achieve specific goals within a clear time frame with more specific objective.
    The extensive efforts made by teacher, CRC co-coordinators, BRC co-coordinators, DPC, SSA State Level mission office and State Government since 2001- 02 resulted into almost 100 % enrollment for the children in the age group of 6 -14 years.

    The retention of these children is also been worked out and thus the dropout ratio is also decreased. The children were provided with science kit, educational toys, (TLE) reading material for total educational development along with the various activities under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Mission for the physical development and also they have been provided with a CD in their school on the subject they find more difficult to understand. A 20 days in service training at cluster level was organized in two stages last year. It helps the teachers to improvise the classroom processes and their teaching methods more intensive & effective.

    .Teachers are also provided with a additional training on contextual perspective with current affairs. According to which :- A special module was prepared to provide an information to the headmaster regarding the provision made under 'Right to Information -2005' and approximately 1,80,000 state teachers were trained

    Different groups of CRC coordinators, BRC coordinators, SRG members, OIC-TT as well as various educationalists of the state were reviewed upon, which gives us information that teachers are facing problems to teach math’s, science and English language in upper primary (Std V & VII) schools. The teachers who are for a longer time in the systems are not able to give justice of textbook and context. The classroom observation shows that number of teachers are not aware of the basic concepts of Maths-Science and also facing problems to teach the basics of Maths-Science and English to the children’s in a very simpler methods.

    The state government has made it compulsory to teach English language from Std V and it is very necessary for teachers themselves to learn English so that they can teach it in a justify way in the classroom. It is necessary to organize a training programme in 2008-09 for the CRC and BRC coordinators to strengthen them and to support their role as a trainer for retaining the area of the programme, as well as to level up the specified Std. of various area under the ADEPTS programme to provide a qualitative education to the children through effective class room observations by taking into consideration NCF-2005.

    Moreover, students of the lower primary levels could not recieve a required efficiency in reading-computation-writing on completing the specified standards. A specific survey to be made for sorting these type of children’s out and a special training should be organise for the class teacher of std. I to IV to develop a skills of reading – computation - writing.

    The training of computer-education and spoken English is made available on honorary base for the prescribed period to those teachers who are willing to join at in the year 2008-09.

    Training would be also imparted regarding the upgraded schemes such as Gender education, integrated education for the disable children, training for BALA, ALS and Tribal education like important components of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Mission.

    As suggested by Hon. education secretary (Primary) it is decided to organise a In-service training of 15 days duration into two stages (before summer vacation and before Diwali vacation) as it was done in the previous years. The subjects chosen for 15 days In-service training have been decided by BRCs/CRCs/DIET Lecturers, DPC/SRG Members/subject expert at the district level after a long discussions and will be implied as per the annual training Calendar for the training to be given to all the teachers of the state.

  • 2.0 Position of BRC & CRC Co-coordinators
    The position of the BRC/CRC Coordinators appointed in all the districts is as under:

    26Ahmedabad Cor.143
    27Vadodara Cor.116
    28Rajkot Corpo.122
    29Surat Corpo.133

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