Gyankunj Project

"Gyankunj" Project

The initiative of "Gyankunj" project has been launched by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Gujarat on 5thSeptember, 2017 - Teacher’s Day to accelerate the efforts of Government of Gujarat in the area of digital education inspired from the vision of Digital India. The project is implemented in 1,609 Government primary schools, having interactive e-class developed with smart boards using technology in 3173 classrooms of class V to VIII.. Total 2.85 Lakh students of Class V to VIII are taking advantage of this initiative.

What is "Gyankunj" Model?

Gyankunj is a school digitalization programme to enhance classroom interactivity and teaching-learning process with the help of technology tools, like Projector, Interactive Infrared Camera, Laptop, Speaker, Whiteboard, Wi-Fi Router Extender etc. It aims to reinforce teaching-learning and evaluation process.It includes,

  • Interactive e-Class with smart board developed through technology at school level
  • Facilities of projector, infrared camera, laptop, speaker, smart board, Wi-Fi router in 3173 classrooms of Std.7 and Std.8 at 1609 Government Primary Schools across the State
  • Provided 10,000 tablets to students of std.7 and std.8 at 100 schools for learning without burden
  • Teaching-learning through e-Content and resources available through internet for Std.5 to 8
  • Ease of curriculum understanding through technology
  • Objectives:

  • To enhance classroom interactivity through advancement in teaching-learning process for Teachers and Students
  • To reinforce teaching, learning and evaluation process with use of technology
  • To make ease of understanding for each unit of curriculum in classroom itself by using technology as a medium
  • Facilities at Classroom under Gyankunj Model:

  • Projector
  • IR Camera
  • Laptop
  • Speaker
  • White Board
  • Wi-Fi Router
  • Teaching-learning through e-Content and online resources:

    The processes of teaching-learning and evaluation are being executed with the use of various technology tools, e-content and open source resources from the internet on the global pattern of education.

    The e-Content comprises of various images, videos, animations, virtual labs, demonstration & visualization of activities, self-learning, evaluation and reference material. In addition to this, it also emphasizes on reading, writing and understanding knowledge as per traditional tactics of pedagogy. The e-Content covers more than 450 units of 52 textbooks, more than 3,000 animated videos, 3,000 interactive animations, over 1,000 games on various topics, virtual lab for science experiments and question bank of more than 50,000 questions. Moreover, this e-Content is being telecasted in video form on "Vande Gujarat" digital satellite educational channel, launched with support of BISAG, through Direct To Home (DTH) media under State wide Distance Learning Programme, e-Class. The episodes are also available on YouTube Channel under "Gujarat e-Class" for downloading, the URL for the same is:

    A total of 10,000 tablets have been provided to students of class VII and VIII in 100 schools (100 tablets per school) under "Gyankunj" project. Each tablet contained pre-loaded textbooks in PDF form, as well as apps like National Digital Library, English Grammar Master, Hello English, English Gujarati Dictionary, Type it, ByJUS, Khan Academy (English Version) and QR Code Reader. It provides self-learning opportunities to students for better understanding on each unit of curriculum. The children are studying with interest under this innovative approach.

    Teachers Training and Hand Holding:

    Before Implementation: More than 3,800 teachers were trained in three orientation programmes held in phased manner during 15th April, 2017 and 20-21 June, 2017.

    After Implementation: Total 3,173 teachers are trained in two phases of training programme held during 26-28 September, 2017 and 22-24 November, 2017 in batches of 20 teachers at 177 locations.

    Guidance, Usage and Monitoring at schools:

    Web based application ( and mobile app have been deployed for the successful implementation of the entire project. Mobile app can be installed from the Google Play Store. Using this application, the head teacher / nodal class teacher from the school level, logs complaint online for problems related to hardware / software. Under this system, the real-time progress of the Gyankunj project can be ascertained at all levels on the basis of details of the project being updated from the school level.

    Teachers' feedback on the project:

    Teachers' feedbacks on the implementation of the Gyankunj project have been invited online through Google form. Under which, a total of 1,224 teachers have submitted their feedbacks so far. According to the feedbacks received from teachers, 73.9% teachers have considered the concept of "Gyankunj" model excellent and 24.7% teachers felt it effective. While 68.6% of teachers have reported methodology of "Gyankunj" project model as excellent, 24.7% teachers have recognized it as a good methodology.

    Impact Assessment of Project Implementation:

    The impact of Gyankunj implementation is assessed through Statistical Bureau under directions of General Administration Department (Planning) during 6-7 February, 2018. This third party assessment is carried out through school visit and response to questionnaire designed to measure the impact. The results reveal that non-beneficiary students' like to learn through Gyankunj if facility provided to them. The study report has concluded that 100% students can understand the unit taught through Gyankunj facilities and they love to learn through audio-visuals. 100% parents have admitted that their child is excited to go school and opined to have benefits of the method to their child.


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