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.Subject: The department of civics Sociology Chapter 9 – The problems of the country and their solution
.Topic: The place of women in the society, Pg no 92, 93
.Subject: Specialized educational methods. Mock legislative assembly program for Std.9th
.Special objectives of the program
.To spread the awareness amongst the students regarding the various procedures in the legislative assembly ( vidhansabha )
.To create an awareness regarding democracy amongst the students through discussions. To develop the democratic abilities amongst the students.
.To have a better understanding regarding different subjects by having an interaction of the subject through different facets so that the students develop self confidence, presentation skills and self esteem.
.To create an awareness regarding the globalization and global happenings in amongst the students.
.To develop clarity of thought amongst the students through interaction.
.To study the subject with a clarity and understanding. Students learn the subject with enthusiasm when they have a practical experience.
.To enhance the listening skills of the students during the interaction and to develop an ability to present their problems.
.To learn to organise the seminars.
.Students should get motivated for education.
.To inculcate the feeling amongst them that the study of social sciences is not boring, but interesting and enjoyable.